Friday, September 5, 2008



If there is something that I dream of the most in my life, it is about being the Prime Minister of India. A great mansion, a special seat in the parliament, security protecting me twenty-four hours, foreign tours, salutes from all over India, interviews, summits… my head throngs up at this very thought. But with great power comes great responsibilities. Holding the post of PM is not a bed of roses but it involves taking up the responsibility of 1.1 billion people- their health, their income, their living standards, their joys and their sorrows and their everything.
If I were the Prime Minister of India, the first and foremost thing I would do is to turn our mere English education system into value education system. In this, along with the basic principles of science and social studies the basic principles of life would also be imbibed into the students. The teachings of helping the fellow beings, responsibility towards the poor and the downtrodden would not be limited to books, but the students would become exemplary to the society by implementing them. They would not be taught inside the four walls, but under the trees, in the fields and on the banks of rivers. Above all, they would learn that their future must not be in craving for dollars but in increasing the value of rupee and bringing smiles on the faces of all Indians. The students would go to the working children and convince them to study and thus no child would be deprived of his/her right to education. Thus my effort would be to increase the literacy rate to 100%. In spite of the endeavors of many social reformers social evils still persist in today’s society due to the ignorance of the people. The students would reach the masses and educate them and thus they themselves would reform the ignorant part of the society.

Every year serious epidemics break out in all the corners of the country and many die due to lack of proper health care. I would increase the number of hospitals to serve all the rural areas and run campaigns teaching the people about the necessity of hygiene and prove to them scientifically the ill-effects of their superstitions. India is losing a considerable part of wealth and population in natural calamities every year. I would not rush up in working out rescue operations after they occur but would take preventive safety measures to protect the people beforehand. I would use latest equipment for forecasting the calamities and would employ a special team for such operations which would also prepare the people to protect themselves in case of a sudden hit.
In India, there is no paucity of natural resources which can meet a major sector of our energy demands. But unfortunately we depend on other countries for our energy requirements. Millions of cusecs of water from rivers mingle into the sea every year, which if used properly can supply most of the energy required. In case of other means of energy I would give preference to ecofriendly projects employing Clean Development Management (CDM) technology in order to avoid pollution. Even after harnessing all the resources available, if there is still need of energy, then I would procure it from other countries.
I would not allow the farmers to suffer from lack of proper irrigation facilities because they are the people who strive to provide food for all the people of the country. I would interlink the rivers to form fertile deltas which provide greater possibilities for raise of different crops. I would remove the brokers who take away most of the profits of the farmers and thus enable him to earn his rightful share. I would implement the latest technological developments that benefit the farmers to increase the agricultural produce and thus increase the food production.

Women have already excelled in various fields and have reached heights on par with men. But still there are women in our country being ill-treated and harassed by the society. Female infanticide still exists. Ironically, respecting women and bringing up and educating a girl child, which are actually the basic values of our country are today made laws and the people are forced to abide by them. I would start campaigns creating awareness among the women regarding their capabilities and opportunities available for them. I would implement stringent laws against atrocities towards women and would bring Mahatma’s words “The true independence of our country is when a woman can move alone at midnight” into reality. I would provide several welfare schemes for women and would make micro-finance popular among them and help them become independent.
Our constitution makers propounded the theory of reservations to put a full stop to suppression of lower castes and create a balance in the society. 57 years have passed away after the constitution came into existence but the balance is still a distant dream. This is because the reservations are utilized only by the creamy layer and the poor and illiterate are unaware of their rights to develop. Moreover, this concept is used as only a vote bank by most of the politicians and thus its purpose is not served today. I would implement the dreams of the constitution framers in their true sense. The creamy layer would no more enjoy the privileges of reservation and the people who are really backward would be given the front seat, thus bringing out equality in the society. I would improve the opportunities in all the sectors and thus see that the merit would not move to foreign countries and would contribute their best to the development of India. I would not allow the Indian sector to get filled with 100% reservation.

I would encourage more Indian companies to be established in various fields and would not allow the foreign goods to flood the Indian market, thus improving the Indian economy and increasing the employment. I would encourage self-employment so that a lot J R D Tatas and Dhirubai Ambanis might sprout up. There are a lot of people in our country who do not have a roof over their head and enough to eat. I would provide more employment opportunities to redress this appalling situation and thus eliminating poverty.
I would take draconian measures to fight against corruption, which is a major obstacle for our development. I would make the people actively involve in pursuing their dream of creating a corruption free society by laying the foundations in stopping giving bribes. Thus the ACB would be not merely a small body looking at these issues but all the people would be the members of it.
I would invite the students to enter politics because they, with their all round capabilities can lead India to take a great leap in every direction. I would conduct examinations which determine the attitude of the competents and thus decide who is capable of working sincerely for people. Definitely, sons and daughters of the politicians would not grab all the seats but the true sons and daughters of Mother India with leadership qualities and team spirit would come up leading India to the top position.
I would see that India maintains amicable relations with all the neighboring countries and would transform it into haven of peace and tranquility. At the same time I would bring out a lot of improvements in our defence sector and would be ready to face any attack from anybody with a complete and competent technology. I would join hands with countries fighting terrorism, the global menace. I would do justice to all the communities and give no chance for communal violence to break out. I would take decisions bravely without worrying whether I would be re-elected for the next term or not.

I would speed up the judicial process because a number of criminals today are going scot-free, leaving an impression that the whole system is a debacle. Many law commissions lie gathering dust. To reduce the heap of pending cases I would increase the number of tribunals where disputes at lower level would be settled immediately and according to the advice of senior judges and lawyers and intellectuals, I would implement the steps to close the loopholes in our laws.
As the Prime Minister of India I would lead the country towards progress and prosperity. I would hold up India as an abode of true democratic principles “For the people By the people and Of the People”.